Patricia Bado

Researcher Bio

My research is mostly focused into human behavior and neuroimaging. Under this broad research topic, I dedicated myself to the study of social/affiliative behavior, motivation and human values. I am also interested in the default mode network and its implications to human behavior.

My current PhD project aims to comprehend the representation of different values and motivations in the brain using fMRI encoding models and behavioral measures, including psychometric scales and digital records of human behavior.

Selected Publications

  1. You and your kin: Neural signatures of family-based group perception in the subgenual cortex. N Rüsch, P Bado, R Zahn, IE Bramati, R de Oliveira-Souza, J Moll. Social neuroscience 9 (4), 326-331 , 2014.

  2. Functional dissociation of ventral frontal and dorsomedial default mode network components during resting state and emotional autobiographical recall. P Bado, A Engel, R Oliveira‐Souza, IE Bramati, FF Paiva, R Basilio, et al. Human brain mapping 35 (7), 3302-3313, 2014.

  3. Voluntary enhancement of neural signatures of affiliative emotion using FMRI neurofeedback. J Moll, JH Weingartner, P Bado, R Basilio, JR Sato, BR Melo, IE Bramati, et al. PloS one 9 (5), e97343, 2014.

  4. Abnormal striatal BOLD responses to reward anticipation and reward delivery in ADHD. E Furukawa, P Bado, G Tripp, P Mattos, JR Wickens, IE Bramati, B Alsop, et al. PloS one 9 (2), e89129, 2014.

  5. Real-time fMRI pattern decoding and neurofeedback using FRIEND: an FSL-integrated BCI toolbox. JR Sato, R Basilio, FF Paiva, GJ Garrido, IE Bramati, P Bado, F Tovar-Moll, et al. PloS one 8 (12), e81658 , 2013.

  6. A neural signature of affiliative emotion in the human septohypothalamic area. J Moll, P Bado, R de Oliveira-Souza, IE Bramati, DO Lima, FF Paiva, et al. The Journal of neuroscience 32 (36), 12499-12505, 2012.

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