Marije Soto

Researcher Bio

I started colaborating with the Institute for Research and Education IdOr during my PhD, studying aspects of the syntax-semantics interface at sentence level with an event related fMRI design. Currently, we are developing a project  investigating linguistic aspects and moral cognition in narratives with a different fMRI design aimed at using encoding model analysis. I also remain a member of the EEG lab, Acesin, at UFRJ, where I finished my PhD in 2014.

For my thesis, I researched correlates between neurophysiological responses and lexical access and verb-complement integration. During my Master's degree, I studied switching mechanisms in bilingual lexical access, also using EEG. I am an adjunct professor in the Language Studies Department of UERJ. Besides teaching undergrads,

I also teach neuroscience and language in both the UFRJ and UERJ graduate programs  as a visiting professor. My main interests are neuroscience, cognition and language. Other favorite themes are bilingualism, acquisition, and evolution and language.

Selected Publications

  1. SOTO, M.; FRANÇA, A. M.; GOMES, J. N.; MANHAES, A. G. In what context does context matter? An ERP study of sentence processing in Brazilian Portuguese. Letras de Hoje (Impresso). , v.50, p.120 - 130, 2015.

  2. SOTO, M. Review of Grounding language processing on basic neurophysiological principles by Friederici and Singer (2015). Linguística (Rio de Janeiro). , v.V11, p.12 - , 2015.

  3. FRANÇA, A. M.; SOTO, M.; MANHAES, A. G.  Modulando o N400 através da incongruência semântica estabelecida pela relação antecedente-pronome. Lingüística (PPGL/UFRJ). , v.8, p.325 - 346, 2012.

  4. SOTO, M.; IMPROTA, A. F. Aplicação de uma teoria micromodular às hipóteses acerca do acesso lexical bilíngüe: um estudo sobre holandês-português. Revista Virtual de Estudos da Linguagem. , v.6, p.1 - 16, 2008

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