Selected Publications

  1. The neural basis of human moral cognition. J Moll, R Zahn, R de Oliveira-Souza, F Krueger, J Grafman. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 6 (10), 799-809.

  2. The neural correlates of moral sensitivity: a functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation of basic and moral emotions J Moll, R de Oliveira-Souza, PJ Eslinger, IE Bramati, et al. The journal of neuroscience, 22 (7), 2730-2736

  3. Human fronto–mesolimbic networks guide decisions about charitable donation. J Moll, F Krueger, R Zahn, M Pardini, R de Oliveira-Souza, J Grafman. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (42), 15623

  4. The neural underpinnings of moral values. J Moll, R Zahn, R de Oliveira-Souza. Handbook of Value: Perspectives from Economics, Neuroscience, Philosophy and Sociology.

  5. You and your kin: Neural signatures of family-based group perception in the subgenual cortex. N Rüsch, P Bado, R Zahn, IE Bramati, R de Oliveira-Souza, J MollSocial neuroscience 9 (4), 326-331

  6. Voluntary enhancement of neural signatures of affiliative emotion using FMRI neurofeedback. J Moll, JH Weingartner, P Bado, R Basilio, JR Sato, BR Melo, IE Bramati, et al. PloS one 9 (5), e97343, 2014.

  7. The rise of moral emotions in neuropsychiatry. LF Fontenelle, R de Oliveira-Souza, J MollDialogues in clinical neuroscience 17 (4), 411

  8. FRIEND Engine Framework: a real time neurofeedback client-server system for neuroimaging studies. Basilio, Rodrigo; Garrido, Griselda J; Sato, João R; Hoefle, Sebastian; Melo, Bruno RP; Pamplona, Fabricio A; Zahn, Roland; Moll, Jorge; Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience, 9, 2015

  9. A Neural Signature of Affiliative Emotion in the Human Septohypothalamic Area. J Moll, P Bado, R de Oliveira-Souza, IE Bramati, DO Lima, FF Paiva, ...The Journal of Neuroscience 32 (36), 12499-12505

  10. Self-blame-Selective Hyperconnectivity Between Anterior Temporal and Subgenual Cortices and Prediction of Recurrent Depressive Episodes. Lythe, K. E., Moll, J., Gethin, J. A., Workman, C. I., Green, S., Lambon Ralph, M. A., Deakin, J. F. W. & Zahn, R. 7 Oct 2015In : JAMA Psychiatry. p. 1-8

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