Auditory cortex function dissociation in positive musical emocional processing

Julie Weingartner

Rodrigo Basilio

Reward processing in ADHD and binge eating

Patricia Bado


Maria Stewart

Tiago Soares Bortolini

Effects of Syntactic Complexity and Social Semantic Processing in the Brain (Past Project)

Marije Soto

Neural Bases of Subliminal Priming of Social Values (Past Project)

João Ascenso

The neurobiology of affiliative emotions

Tiago Soares Bortolini


Luiza Mugnol Ugarte

Neural Correlates of Coffee Olfactory and Gustatory Experience

Silvia Siag Oigman

Physiological and psychological basis of group belongingness

Tiago Soares Bortolini

Inference Models of Functional Connectivity

Ivanei E. Bramati

Enhancement of Affiliative Emotion Using fMRI Neurofeedback (Past Project)

Julie Weingartner

Classification of Neural Patterns of Emotional States Evoked by Music

Sebastian Hoefle

Neurofeedback with Virtual Reality for Induction of Emotional States

Bruno Raphael Mello


Rodrigo Basilio

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