João Maria Pereira Ascenso

Researcher Bio

João Ascenso has a B.Sc. degree (Honours) in Social Psychology, ISCTE, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal. He has extensive professional training experience in one of the biggest professional training european companies in all areas of organizational behavior, namely many models of Leadership, Leadership with Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Change, Appreciative Inquiry, Emotions in Decision Making Processes, Negotiation, Persuasion and Excellence in Customer Service. He was responsible for the Professional Training area for Organizational Behavior of one of the biggest Hospital Networks in Brazil, D´OR Network, and presently is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior in Dom Cabral Foundation, considered the best business school of latin america, according to the financial times and is CEO of a Consultancy and Training Company called Socrates and Plato Academy.

Presently he is a Ph.D. student in D´OR Network in partnership with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in the area of Moral Cognitive Neuroscience. His research interests are: Moral Cognitive Neuroscience, Neural Basis of Values, Neural Basis of Decision Making Processes, Social Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics.

Selected Publications

  1. Ascenso, J. (2006). Competências emocionais. In M. Ceitil (Ed..) Gestão de Competências, pp.  (240-288). Lisboa: Edições Sílabo.