Our Team

Principal Investigators

Jorge Moll, MD, PhD

Paulo Mattos, MD, PhD

Leonardo Fontenelle, MD, PhD

Ricardo de Oliveira, MD, PhD

Roland Zahn

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My lab's current research mainly focusses on understanding the cognitive-anatomical underpinnings of vulnerability to major depression and of inappropriate social behaviour in neuropsychiatric disorders.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Silvia Oigman

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Postdoctoral researcher in the Moll lab working in the Coffee and Brain Project.

Marije Soto

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I study language and cognition, using fMRI and EEG.

PhD Students

Tiago Bortolini

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My main interest is on human behavior and evolution, specificaly on cooperation and intergroup relations.

Julie Weingartner

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Biophysicist. PhD Student in Neuroscience.

Patrícia Bado

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PhD student in neuroscience, motivation and human values.

Bruno Raphael de Melo

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Involved in the areas of Neuroscience, Signal Processing and BCI.

Joao Ascenso

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Psychology, ISCTE, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal

Sebastian Hoefle

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Background: Computer Science. Focus: Methods and analysis of fMRI.

Luiza Mugnol Ugarte

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Combines approaches of cognitive, economics and social neuroscience.

IDOR Staff

Griselda Jara

Fernanda M. Ferreira

Ivanei Bramati

Marina Monteiro

Rodrigo Basilio

Luiz Felipe Costa

Thais Monteiro

Débora Lima

Luana de Freitas Santos

Sheila Donola